UFT Leadership–We Are Superheroes. You Are a Contrary Galoot.

UFT Leadership--We Are Superheroes. You Are a Contrary Galoot.

Not in these phrases, of study course.  But they like to portray the UFT President as an infallible tremendous hero, kind of like the one particular on the left. He’s experiencing down difficult odds although you and I are whining on the sidelines. I cannot sit via the City Hall shows any much more, but James Eterno did, and kindly took notes:

We you should not wait for a thing to materialize.

They certainly do not. They created a deal, six months ahead of the 2018 deal, for monumental wellbeing discounts (for the metropolis, not us). Which is why they desired to dump all metropolis retirees into an Benefit prepare. They in essence agreed to fund our personal raise, an counterintuitive, silly precedent that will expense us dearly in deal negotiations.

Other people just say no. That will not sit effectively with us. Men and women will yell and scream and do other issues. 

This is the stereotype they trot out any time any member dares disagree with them. You “just say no” for no certain reason. Actually, I’ve agreed with a large amount of items leadership did. I loved parental leave. It is nevertheless a great advancement in excess of the absolutely nothing we had formerly. I supported the 2018 deal (with no thought the overall health discounts they agreed to ended up so reckless and hurtful). 

Here’s the big difference among me and UFT management–when I make a oversight I tend to say, “Sorry, I built a slip-up.” Again when we had an on the net grading system, students would appear up to me and talk to, “How come I bought a 10 as a substitute of a 100?” I would say, “I kind far too quickly,” and fix it. Were being I UFT leadership, I would say to my college students, “You are a whiner, generally yelling and screaming and declaring no.” Then I might are unsuccessful the kid for no explanation. 

If I acted like that, I’d be unfit. 

In reality, as somebody who could retire before long, I was also open up to the change in retiree wellbeing care. But once they failed to even look at the city code, and missing the provider, I did not really feel these people today were able of negotiating a thing worthwhile. Very well, I was incorrect to aid the health treatment transform, and I was wrong to aid the 2018 agreement. Colour my eyes large open, and get in touch with me a nattering nabob of negativity. I have been blogging because 2005, educating considering the fact that 1984, and I’ve listened to way worse. 

We want to create the finest retiree plan in the Usa. We will not indication unless of course we believe the approach is much better.

Management now distances by itself from Medicare Gain. Who can blame them, supplied their breathtaking and very general public failure? The reality is, although, there is no different for them that will pump hundreds of thousands of dollars into the city like Gain will. The other is, NOT all doctors acknowledge it. And on the other hand they do it, it’s likely to be picked up by regional medical professionals, just as GHI/ Emblem is. If you might be setting up to transfer any place but Florida, very good luck. 

Want transparency. Want file of prior authorizations. Want to be in a position to go to an specialist if there is a disagreement and another person is denied.

We want a good deal of items. The actuality is, however, that the only motive Advantage receives revenue from the feds is that it saves them revenue. And it does so by denying strategies. And the persons who do so are constantly expert. Probably they are qualified in saving funds for the firm, but they are specialist however. 

Only a person alternative if we never change Municipal Code.

And that’s since you are unwilling to battle for what is suitable. Evidently, you happen to be unwilling even to negotiate. Which is what comes about when you insist you might be correct no make any difference what. That is what occurs when you give up and refuse to combat.

There will be in-provider vs retiree.

You by now told us that, in an e mail.  UFT President Michael Mulgrew wrote us indicating that if we did not screw the retirees, we’d screw in-assistance instructors. Which is the basic zero-sum activity, the very same matter that is saved The united states from universal health treatment and a continuing sturdy center course. It’s between the pretty worst messages a union leader could broadcast. If you you should not aid us screw them, we are gonna screw you. Huge menace

But it is really much too late for that. You screwed us all when you agreed to that overall health care deal in 2018. Your task is to resolve your mistake, not blame us.

Disrespect towards folks offering details is unacceptable. People attacking chapter leaders and district reps not acceptble. 

In other words and phrases, sit down, shut up, and do not dare disagree with us, ever. This is not how you construct activism or union. We make activism and union by way of collective motion, not by blindly sagreeing with all those who’ve failed us around and about, and definitely not by issuing them a blank check out to do it once again. 

UFT leadership sees by themselves as Captain Marvel, but on this astral plane, they will not even measure up to Captain Underpants.