Sources Of Knowledge – How To Gain Knowledge In Any Field

Sources Of Knowledge – How To Gain Knowledge In Any Field

We all continually learn new things in life. Constantly increasing our knowledge is essential if we are to progress further or develop ourselves.

Whatever field we are involved in, we always have to look for ways and means to expand our knowledge. Increase in knowledge in a particular subject can lead to better understanding, grasp, judgement, intelligence and ability in that area. It can expand our thinking and heighten our expertise on a topic.

So how do we go about gaining knowledge? What are the sources of knowledge? Below I am listing a few sources from which we gain knowledge in any field.

1. People:
I think people are the biggest source of knowledge for anybody. Right from childhood, we have learned things by watching others. Whatever field you want to gain knowledge in, there must be many who have enough experience in that field.

So make use of this valuable source of information by learning from the experience, accomplishments, mistakes and expertise of others. Study carefully and associate with people who are experts in the field you want to gain knowledge about.

2. Books:
The next best source of knowledge can be books. There are millions and millions of books written throughout the world in every language and on almost any topic imaginable. Whatever problem you are facing must have been faced by somebody else before, and its solution is likely to have been preserved in the form of a book. If you are serious about gaining knowledge on a topic, then read any book, magazine, article etc. you can lay your hands on related to that topic. Read as much as you can.

3. Experience:

This is another important resource for the seeker of knowledge. It is said that experience is a great teacher, so learn from your past experiences and the experience of others. Learn from your and others’ past and present achievements as well as mistakes.

4. Experimentation and observation:
Experimentation is to try out new things and observation is to pay attention to small and big details.

If you want to learn something new, you may have to experiment and observe a lot. You would need to explore in deep, try out new things to see what works and what does not. Observe not just your own efforts, but also of others.

Experimenting new things and observation can help you in learning very quickly. People who do not experiment or observe much may take a long time to learn. Keep in mind though, that while experimenting, you may encounter a few failures too. Do not become discouraged as failures are a part of the learning curve, specially while attempting something new. Try to learn from failures instead of becoming disheartened.

5.Thinking and pondering:
While learning a new thing, you need to concentrate a lot. Just reading lots of books is not sufficient as you need to fully grasp what you are reading. Deep understanding about a subject is likely to come only through deep thinking and contemplation.

Ponder over what you have read, observed, experienced or experimented. Isn’t is wise to make sure you have fully understood a thing before moving further?

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