Quick And Easy Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Quick And Easy Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Education is one of the most important things that should be provided to children. Getting an education will basically allow them to prepare themselves for the different challenges that they will be facing when they grow up and start their own careers. Now, I may be talking way ahead of time in here but I know that you are pretty much aware of this reality. Even though a lot of kids are getting an education nowadays, the quality of such may not be that good especially in public schools where facilities may not be enough to cater to the different learning needs of students. This is why a lot of parents are now working hand in hand with the teachers and administrators of the schools of their children to build up campaigns to the money needed for different school projects and facilities. If you have been thinking about starting a new fundraiser for your child’s school for some time now, let me provide you with some quick and easy elementary school fundraising ideas that will allow you to raise funds in no time.

Hosting A Bike-A-Thon

Most of students nowadays have bikes because a lot of them use these things as a means of transportation when going to school. Riding on bicycles can be both fun and healthy for the students as this can serve as a form of exercise for them. In your bike-a-thon, you can ask the students to solicit pledges from their family and friends such as giving a donation of one dollar for every lap that they get to complete. You can easily raise funds with this because kids are highly energetic and they will be able to ride on their bikes for quite some time before getting tired. This can also be fulfilling for parents and relatives since this will allow them to cheer their kids on as they run across the lap. After the event, be sure to offer the kids some snacks and refreshments that will cool them down.

Have An Auction

Next on my list of elementary school fundraising ideas is holding a silent auction. This can also serve as an easy way for you to raise funds easily. One of the greatest advantages is that you don’t need to spend a single penny to get this started as to the reason that all you need to do is to ask for some donations from parents in the form of items that they no longer such as toys. You can place your items on top of a table along with a bid sheet underneath each item. Let the parents place in their bids as they drop and pick up their kids in school. After all of the interested parents get to place in their bids, you can offer the different items to those that placed in the highest amounts and collect the funds. This is really easy and you won’t even break a single drop of sweat while you’re doing this.