Preschool Puppets – Using Puppets in the Preschool Classroom

Preschool Puppets – Using Puppets in the Preschool Classroom

Preschool puppets are a wonderful addition to the preschool classroom. Children can play with animal puppets or people puppets to act out stories or make up their own. As a teacher, preschool puppets can be very helpful in getting the attention of your young pupils. Kids love story time and the colorful and funny puppets will give them something to look at and focus on while you teach different preschool skills like counting, abc’s and getting along with others.

Using friendly characters can be a non-threatening way to introduce healthy behaviors like keeping your hands clean or trying new foods. Just about any child can relate to a fuzzy monster that is learning to use the potty.

Puppets can also help teachers with more advanced subjects like foreign language and different cultures. Science is another subject that can be made really simple to understand for preschoolers with the use of puppets. For example, a caterpillar puppet that turns into a butterfly can help demonstrate how things grow and change.

There are many ways to use puppets in the preschool classroom. Singing a song with a puppet while sitting in circle time or having a real puppet theatre with an assortment of puppets for kids to pick from will enhance their day with story time and imaginative play.

Puppets are a valuable addition to any preschooler’s day whether at preschool or at home. Moms and Dads will find puppets a wonderful teaching tool at home as well as a favorite toy for their children. Older children enjoy puppets as well and it is a creative alternative to television or video games.

Preschool puppets are available in many shapes, sizes and characters. There are many stories that you can find to perform for young children or that you can help them do. Preschool puppets can be educational, fun and a favorite of children for years to come.