Lake Travis Independent Schools District

Lake Travis Independent Schools District

Only twenty short miles away from Austin Texas is the Lake Independent School District (LTISD). This is an autonomous educational community which provides a stark contrast to Austin’s busy city life. Despite its closeness to the metro, everything inside the Lake Travis district is serene. Nature is well-protected in this area and you’ll feel like you were still living in the Texas of thirty years ago but among the most intelligent people you’ve ever had the chance to encounter.

The LTISD is lauded for its excellent educational services in the Travis district. It was originally included in the region of Dipping Springs and was first established in 1981. Today, it’s considered a district on its own, and it caters to over 5,800 students. When last surveyed, the student population was 83% Caucasian, 2% Asian, 13% Hispanic and 1% African American. If you live in the Lake Travis area, you can take advantage of LTISD’s outstanding schools.

There are currently five elementary schools here, two middle schools, and one high school. The elementary schools are the Lakeway, the Bee Cave, the Lake Travis, the Lake Pointe, and the Serene Hills which only opened recently in 2008. The middle schools include the Hudson Bend and the Lake Travis Middle School. There is only one high school and this is the Lake Travis High.

These highly-acclaimed schools will certainly help your children get into the colleges they’ve been dreaming of. Aside from the excellent faculty members of each of these schools, the atmosphere in the Lake Travis Independent School District is simply ideal for learning. Away from the noise and pollution of the metro, you can be sure that your children could concentrate on their studies well, and they’ll be at the top of their health.

According to the Texas Educational Agency’s Academic Excellence Indicator, the group of schools in the Lake Travis Independent School District is Academically Acceptable. This is certainly an understatement, considering the outstanding ratings received by the Lakeway Elementary, the Bee Cave Elementary, the Lake Pointe Elementary and the Lake Travis Middle School. The Hudson Bend Middle School is also catching up with a Recognized rating from the Texas Educational Agency.

2007 was an exceptionally good year for Lake Travis with eight high school students given the commendation from the agency and two Lake Travis high school students awarded as National Merit Finalists. In addition to that, four students of the high school were also given the National Hispanic Scholarship.

The Lakeway Elementary School also remains in the Honor Roll of the Texas Business and Education Coalition. The secret behind Lake Travis Independent School District’s success is its tightly-knit and highly cooperative community. Instead of competing with each other, the schools here support each other to become better. If there’s any competition noticeable, they’re only in the spirit of encouraging students to be even more excellent in their tasks.

The campuses included in these districts each have their own CAT or Campus Advisory Team. This doesn’t just include faculty members but also important members of the community. The residents of the LTISD benefit from the highly maintained facilities of the school. In return, they give their commitment to support the district’s cause every step of the way.