Importance of Tangrams in a Child’s Life

Importance of Tangrams in a Child’s Life

Tangrams are simple pieces of paper provided to children that they can use to prepare different things such as a house, a boat and so on. Children have a lot to learn and explore in this world, and hence they would love to experiment with bits of paper dipped in vibrant shades.

Generally, a Tangram consists of 2 small right triangles, 2 large right triangles, 1 medium right triangle, 1 square and 1 parallelogram. These multi-colored pieces are given to children in their craft class for them to use their imagination and build things. Tangrams are often taught in nurseries where preschool children can happily put their mind to work.

You have to teach the children prepositions such as under, over and more so that they are able to use the shapes and build things accordingly. You also have to teach them various verbs like move, pick, fix, turn and more so that they understand better. Moreover, Preschool children can get a fair idea of all the primary colors as they play and craft things using Tangrams. Now, let’s consider a few things that can be created using the Tangram.

  1. House – Simply conduct a small square piece and put a triangle above it, and you’re done with your house. If you have many more Tangrams with you, your child can create an entire city with it.
  2. Fish – Rotate a square that would function as the face of the fish and attach two small triangles behind it that would function as its tails.
  3. A large square – This is the easiest of all but kids may find it really interesting in the beginning stages. Keep two large triangles side by side to form a large square.
  4. A ship – Place two large triangles side by side and place all the remaining parts in the correct order under the triangles. You will be surprised to see that you have built an amazing ship in the process.

Thus, in that way, you are educating your children on a variety of things right from shapes and geometry to colors and vocabulary. For more excitement and fun, let children tickle their thoughts on their own and generate new things and come up with fresh ideas. Give them a chance to alter the shapes as well so that they get a great chance to play around with their innate creativity. Some kids start up slowly and move ahead faster, while some are true masters from the beginning itself. You can also set up a birthday party and ask the kids to come up with interesting things using the bits of paper. Let them make their own shapes and sizes and come up with unique and exciting things.