How To Promote Your Band – 3 Proven Tips and Strategies

How To Promote Your Band – 3 Proven Tips and Strategies

Your band is dedicated, passionate, and plays great music, but how do you get others to recognize this? Throughout the years, every band has struggled with this at some time or another. The answer is deceptively simple: promotion. The bands that make a real effort to promote themselves and get noticed… quite simply, are noticed. The bands that don’t will fade away into obscurity. The challenge and struggle with how to promote your band can seem never-ending. But there is good news…

There are many different ways you can promote yourself. And if you’re smart, you’ll combine as many of them as you can for best results. Here are three of the biggest ways you should be promoting your band.

The Image

If you want to get signed (or not if you’re an independent), you need to have a presentable and consistent image. A band that’s all over the place, playing metal one day and pop the next, won’t go over well. Neither will a band that presents themselves visually as a pop band but plays metal music. If possible, consider what you do off-stage that might make reps raise their eyebrows and make a note not to sign you. (Not preaching – just a heads-up.)

You know your music is great, and working to develop a unique look will help when you promote your band. You might go with unusual clothing, makeup, or hairstyles, for instance, but make sure that you’re all on the same page so your styles don’t clash on stage.

You may need to hash-out with your band members just who is responsible for band publicity. Sure, it’s natural for your band mates to want to do their part to promote your band. But problems can result if different members pass along conflicting information, or tell people things that you thought were going to remain secrets, for instance. Good communication will avoid public meltdowns and possibly resulting in some members leaving, which rarely ends well.

The Business End – Marketing

You need press kits for venues, newspapers, magazines, reporters, and so on. This should include a demo CD, clear 8×10 picture of your band members, and a detailed one-page bio of the band. You may want to include a cover page introducing who you are and why people should care about you. If possible and your budget allows, it would be great to have a business card with contact information for your band (make sure someone is always at the phone number you list).

Marketing extras to promote your band: Eye-catching flyers to post near schools, university bulletin boards, venues, business cards to post and hand out to everyone you know. Again, if budget permits… stickers to pass out for free after shows, or possibly a banner with your band’s name and logo to put up on the stage during shows are all materials you can use to help with exposure.

As an online businessman and copywriter, I can tell you that a targeted audience needs repeated exposure to any kind of marketing message before a solid warm fuzzy develops. For musicians, singers, and bands, it is a little different in some respects. On the other hand you do want people to not only love your music but also remember who you are.

It’s All About Love

Finally, in all your promotional efforts, treat your fans like gold – they, not industry reps, are the people who are what it’s all about in the end. Interact with them online through social networking and your own band website. Ask them to help you work shows and spread the word about the band, give away demo CDs and stickers to them for free, and generally put the fans first at all times.

Accomplish that, make them feel you love them just as much as they love you; and they will move mountains to help you. (They know how hard it is.)

There are many different ways to promote your band, but make sure you have these three staples of band promotion nailed down before you try any fancy publicity stunts. You can go far with a solid image, great marketing materials, and a loyal fan-base. The rest is up to you and your music.

I’m with you all the way… Ken

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