How Can I Promote My Website For Free? 3 Sure Methods to Promote Any Website

How Can I Promote My Website For Free? 3 Sure Methods to Promote Any Website

If you are asking the question “How can I promote my website for free“, then you will want to read on closely because this article will give you 3 sure methods you can use to promote any website.

Here’s a quick overview of what these 3 methods are…

1. Article marketing

2. Video promotion

3. Podcasting

Let’s take a more in depth approach to these 3 methods and discover how to use them to promote your website.

First of all, article marketing is the internet’s most widespread secret of promoting a website. Writing articles or press releases will generate interest back to the website you wish to promote.

When you write your articles, you want to provide good and useful information in it. Once you have written them, you submit them to article directories where people can find your articles. If you really want to improve the article marketing game, here are another 3 ways:

a. You either find out what people are already searching for and create the article to answer it

b. Write a lot of articles and pay other people to write articles for you

c. Submit the articles to all of the most popular article directories on the internet.

Next up is video promotion. YouTube is the world’s most visited site for video – so, why not go to where the people are and start promoting your website? By creating a simple video and uploading it to YouTube, you can easily capture the flow of traffic and start getting people to visit your site.

Last but not least, podcasting. Podcasters are somewhat of a niche group on the internet but they are not one to be left out! How many people are walking around with an earpiece stuck in their ears while commuting? It’s becoming an increasing trend.

That’s because there are many people who are passive learners. Other than music, there are also people who are listening to audio books and lessons on the go. So, you can also have your articles or contents re-purposed in audio format and use it to direct people back to your website.

So, there you have it! 3 sure methods to promote any website. Put these 3 free methods to use and you’ll be able to promote your website.