East Los Angeles College – Community College Serving Second Generation Mexicans & Hispanics

East Los Angeles College – Community College Serving Second Generation Mexicans & Hispanics

A community college that is part of the community college district, East College is located in the Los Angeles suburb of the Monterey Park. The college serves a population that comprises of large numbers of second generation Mexicans, Hispanics, and Latinos. It stands second in terms of transfer of Hispanic students to four year courses.


East Los Angeles College is the largest campus in the community college district of Los Angeles, enrolling over 20,000 students. It was initially located in northeastern East Los Angeles before the part of unincorporated East Los Angeles was annexed by Monterey Park in the first part of the year 1970s. Initially a part of the City Board of Education the college moved to present campus in 1948.

Programs Offered

Two year college that offers associate degree program in more than 25 fields. It also offers academic transfer courses that prepare the students for admission to the 4 year courses in University of California and California State University system. Students are also prepared for occupational programs that prepare students for careers in two years or less. A two year college, the programs include administration of justice, Chicano studies, automotive technologies and transfer courses. Occupational programs and general study degrees are also offered.

Unique Features

Working as the stepping stone for the primary accessible higher education for East Los Angeles and the surrounding areas the college serves Lincoln Heights, Boyle Heights, City of Commerce, Montebello, Bell, Maywood, Bell Gardens, Chuntington Park, Vernon, and areas of Alhambra and Monterey Park and adjacent areas. Students who could not acquire the GPA or missed the deadlines and develop skills in various academic courses are also provided with scope to pursue B.A and B.S degrees. ELAC is also the home of Vincent and Mary Price Gallery and Vincent Price Art Museum that is the repository of art collections of famous actor Vincent Prince.


East Los Angeles College follows open admission policy. However students who wish to enroll in one of the nine public two year colleges in the community college district must complete an application and also possess high school diploma. Apprentices defined by section 3077 of the California Labor Code and K-12 students with special circumstances are eligible for admission.

Financial Aids and Student Services

East Los Angeles College offers multiple financial aids including the federal, state, local, and institutional grants, scholarships and student loans for the students. Latino aid scholarship program is one of the special programs offered. In addition student support programs and counseling are available. One can visit the college aid and support page or the state university website for details.