Brian Regan-A Comedian For All

Brian Regan-A Comedian For All

The Situation

There are plenty of really funny individuals out there and many of them merit a great deal of respect for the time and energy they put into their trade. And, as a people, we like to laugh. Evidence of this fact is manifest in the myriad sitcoms, movies, and even TV stations dedicated to comedy. From visual puns to stand-up, comedy takes on many styles and forms of presentation.

The Problem

Ever since elementary school, some self-proclaimed comedians have realized that they can get a shock-inspired laugh by doing or saying something completely inappropriate. Boys would write cuss words in a comic book and girls would . . . well, I’m not sure what girls did. They had cooties when I was in elementary school. But I’m sure they had their nastiness as well. The problem? Some people never grew out of it. Many comedians think that they can be funnier by simply applying more of the same principles they picked up when they were six. The result is a slew of comedians who substitute their inability to be creative with inappropriate language, themes, and gestures that still seem to make people laugh. This type of comedy is not only degrading to those who listen to it, but loses its appeal over time.

A Clean Comic?

This is where Brian Regan comes in. While other good comedians certainly exist, he is the first stand-up comedian that I not only enjoy, but would recommend unabashedly to friends, siblings, acquaintances, co-workers, etc. old and young alike. His goofy physical and vivacious vocal intonation keeps his younger fans entertained. Meanwhile, his allusion to near-universal human experiences tug on the memories of his older crowds. This is where Brian sets himself apart as an entertainer. He does not stoop to vulgarity to make a funny point. Instead, Brian brings the every day into a humorous light. For example, in talking about childhood games like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, Regan observes, “What are adults thinking? ‘Hey, hey, we’re having a whole bunch of kids over – big party. We’re going to blindfold one… give him something sharp… spin him around, and let him go!'”

Brian’s style of humor coupled with a talented presentation of his material has earned Regan a fan base throughout the US. His career has flourished as he continues to tour the States, selling out performance halls and splitting some sides on his way. As a friend, I recommend looking into getting the CD or DVD that are available on his site or sampling some of his material elsewhere online. I promise you’ll be glad you did.