Are girls seriously brainier than boys? Science has a obvious and intelligent respond to

For pupils, it has been a different year like no other. At the commence of spring phrase, colleges have been shut and GCSE and A-degree tests cancelled for the 2nd year jogging. Right after the broadly criticised fiasco of algorithmic grading past yr, the final results declared this 7 days ended up decided by teachers.

The one reputable pattern all through – and, in fact, 1 that stretches again 40 decades – has been girls’ outperformance of boys. As the proportion of GCSE entries awarded best grades hit a new large  (as illustrated in the graphic beneath), the attainment hole observed ladies pull even more in advance than boys. They have been more likely to receive the top rated quality, with 8.9 per cent of all female entries acquiring a 9, as opposed to 5.9 for each cent for boys.

If this story appears common, which is simply because it is not new: Prof Alan Smithers, the report’s author, pointed out that at any time given that GCSEs changed O-stages practically 4 a long time back, women had consistently outperformed boys.

When this year’s A-degree final results had been released on Tuesday, the gender hole was also identified to have achieved its optimum stage in a 10 years. The fee of A* and A grades stood at 46.4 for each cent for women, although for boys it was 41.7 per cent.

“Girls have prolonged been in advance in faculty function, but the inclination has been to describe away their outstanding functionality,” reported Prof Smithers. “When they did better in the 11+, it was claimed that they matured earlier. When they leapt ahead in GCSEs, it was explained that it was due to the fact they worked tougher. And now, with trainer evaluation, the impact is that they are favoured by the academics. Why just can’t we take it is just that women are cleverer?”

So is he ideal? Is it time to take that ladies definitely are just by some means naturally smarter than boys? As a person who has very long argued against the idea of a “male” and “female” brain, I discover this plan problematic.

It’s essential to talk to, previously mentioned all, what is intended by “cleverer”? The time period itself is lazy and, I imagine, unhelpful, as it sheds no gentle on what in fact leads to girls’ outstanding functionality.

My perform as a neuroscientist has aimed to debunk the idea that females and males have different brains. There is no neuroscientific basis for the claim that the brains of ladies and boys are hardwired to make them inevitably superior or even worse at selected responsibilities to be “cleverer” – whatever that usually means – or a lot less clever.

There is, on the other hand, a good deal of evidence that proves the mind-changing consequences our social atmosphere and everyday living activities can have from infancy onwards. From a very youthful age, ladies and boys are provided various toys to participate in with – a restricting and probably hazardous convention the Permit Toys Be Toys campaign, among the other people, has valiantly battled from (you can see an instance of their work under). Boys are more most likely to be given construction toys, which are excellent for acquiring skills this sort of as spatial awareness and challenge-fixing. Particular neural pathways in the brain will be strengthened the a lot more they are applied. So the brain of the boy who plays with Lego could establish in a unique way from the brain of the female who does not.