You Don’t Have to Marry It!

You Don't Have to Marry It!

If you happen to be emotion confused, get and curate terrific methods, fairly than build new articles. 

That can occur later on when you are much less stressed or when you get motivated. Then, please share shamelessly across Edu platforms and assistance another educator who could possibly have to have it. Which is having to pay if ahead.  Yet again, tech could improve, but it is our daring innovative modify agent spirit that moves on.

Use methods like Common Sense Media, PBS LearningMediaTwinkl, Google Edu, or Flocabulary to increase to your teaching toolkit.

Check out the hottest journals and content articles. Will not have time to go through the most current? Test out the trending hashtags and discussions on Tik Tok, Twitter, and Instagram.  Go to all those platforms and research for #EdChat or #MiddleGrades or what ever hashtag your subject or grade level takes advantage of. Remember, a hashtag is just a lookup filter. 

Look at each new classroom tech innovation or instrument as a initial date – only “pilot” and “beta test” by making an attempt it out on a tiny scale. Then, when you obtain one you like, you can go steady. Day a even though. See how it goes.

When you might be completely ready to dedicate, you can expect to know it!

Prenup optional.

This is also the perfect time to relax, reset, reflect, and revise your occupation and classroom choices.

Look at out this typical write-up: Time and Tide Reflection.


Hey my longtime readers, will not know if you’ve listened to, but I have remaining Murray Hill Middle University. After 30 decades of instructing, I have now taken an early retirement to lend my expertise, Social Media next, and Ed Tech know-how as a World wide Instructional consultant and speaker. I am hunting for a complicated and Fun aspect time remote facet hustle that will continue to keep me energized and leverage my talents to assistance much more persons, educators, and kiddos! If you know of everything, or would like to speak to me, feel no cost to reach out at gwynethanne AT the Gmail Dot Com. Let’s see if we can make one thing daring and pleasurable transpire!

Eventually, if you might be nonetheless stressed about the future school year — my finest suggestions

Will not anxiety, just can pick 1 matter! A week, a thirty day period, a university yr….just 1 factor!

At the time you do that just one factor and feel superior about it, include a further. One at a time. Never overwhelm your self – that potential customers to crazy stress and burning out. 

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