Why Do I Need to Learn to Read

Why Do I Need to Learn to Read

Every year teachers all over the country encounter a student that will say something like this. “When I grow up I’m never going to read a book. I hate books. I hate to read. When I graduate I will never read again so why do I need to learn to read?”

Here is a letter you may want to give to those students.

Dear Student,

Okay, that is your decision to never pick up a book and read again, but I would like to remind you of these things that you may want to do.

Legally driving a car requires some reading.To be legally able to drive a car you must read and pass a written test that is based on a driving book that you will need to read to learn the rules. When you get out on the road you will need to be able to read the signs in a split second because you are driving 75 miles an hour as you pass them. And how about those exciting bumper stickers that everyone likes to read because they give you a chuckle on the road. Those also have to be read.

If you go on a trip-you will need to read a map an atlas or maybe even a language dictionary. And if you decide to fly or ride some other transportation you will need to read schedules, tickets, and safety instructions. Visit a travel agency and you will need to be able to read a brochure about the many exciting places you wish to go.

Even going to get food at a restaurant you will need to be able to read. If you ever want to eat out at a restaurant you will need to be able to read the menu that is even at a drive through.

Buy something on time and you will need to be able to read a contract. To buy a car, a house or any large item you will need to be able to read about the contract before you sign it so you don’t end up with 24% interest or some weird clause that hurts your chances of owning something.

Getting a job will require you reading the advertisement in the newspaper and then the application that you will filling out when you go ask for the job.

Newspaper, magazines, Oh you say you only look at the comic section. Those have to be read, also. Magazines do have pictures but they also have descriptions of what is going on in the picture.

Going to the doctor requires reading. To start with you will need to read the directory of doctors as you enter the building to find the doctor. How about the prescription that he gives you and tells you to follow the instructions on the bottle. These will also need to be read. Go to the emergency room and they make you sign papers that you better read and as you leave they give out written instructions on what you need to do to take care of yourself.

I haven’t even begun to cover what you will need to read when you graduate after high school. The list goes one with emails, billboards, bulletins, catalogs, charts, circulars, clues, epitaph, fliers, formulas, graffiti, greeting cars, handbooks, horoscopes, instructions, invitations, journals, labels, letters, lists, manuals, maps, marquees, memos, notes, obituaries, pamphlets, portfolios, postcards, posters, programs, questionnaires, receipts, recipes, scripts, signs, skywriting, statements, and telegrams.

If that list is not good enough these last two ought to be the icing on the cake. You will need to be able to read if you happen to find your sisters or brothers diary and when a rich relative dies you certainly will want to be able to read his will.

So students realize you may never read another book, but that is not the only thing that we read while we live on this earth. So get with it learn to read while you are young and it will make your life a lot easier.


From Someone Who Knows