Using Testimonials and Endorsements to Promote Your Book: A Guide For Self-Publishers

Using Testimonials and Endorsements to Promote Your Book: A Guide For Self-Publishers

Testimonials and endorsements must be an integral part of your book promotion program. These T’s and E’s should be shown and used everywhere and anywhere you have an opportunity to show them. Here are a few excellent suggestions to get you started:

1. Front Book Cover: Display one on your book’s front cover if it is very strong, or by a well-known celebrity, or by an industry guru. The name of the author of the book’s foreword, which is a type of testimonial, should be shown on the front cover – especially if written by a very important person.

2. Inside the Book: Place the best ones on the first pages of the book. With POD, it is very easy to add new and better testimonials and endorsements to your book.

3. Press Releases: Any press release that you send out should be flaunting your best testimonials and endorsements. Make sure that you include your press releases in your media kit.

4. Website: Put every testimonial and endorsement on your website where you promote yourself and your book. Here you can display all the T’s and E’s that you get – and keep adding to the list as you accumulate more. Highlight the ones that give you and your book the most praise. Also highlight the ones from the biggest and most well-known names.

5. Promotional Material: The best testimonials and endorsements must be used in any advertising and promotion for the book. These testimonials and endorsements are essential for your book sales. These testimonials and endorsements will help make shoppers take a second look at your promotional material. The longer you can get a shopper to spend reading your promotional material, the greater chance you have of getting them to jump over to your website or to Amazon to explore what your book is about.

6. Media Kit: They must be used in your media kit, which should be on your website. Your media kit should be on your website/blog as a downloadable PDF. Make sure that you use active links inside your media kit.

7. Interviews: The best T’s and E’s should be used in any written discussion about yourself and your books. Always try to associate your name with the authors of the best testimonials and endorsements. Associating your name and book with these big-name people will give you an enormous amount of credibility within your market.

8. Email Signature: This should include your name, all of your websites, and your best testimonials and endorsements. Do not underestimate the power of the email signature. The email signature is a simple and direct way to promote yourself and your book.