Top 10 Essential Back-To-School Supplies for Elementary Students

Top 10 Essential Back-To-School Supplies for Elementary Students

Back to school time is very excited for the little ones. Each year they get brand new clothes and brand new school supplies to start off the year with. Many may want to go shopping with their parents and buy all the cool stuff that is not really needed. Instead of purchasing the fad items, get only what they need for classes. The following are the top 10 essential back-to-school supplies for elementary students:

– Backpack – It is very important to get the younger children a smaller backpack than you would for your older kids or even yourself. They do not have to bring home much so loading them down with a heavy backpack is unnecessary. Make sure it fits them properly to protect the back.

– Crayons – All elementary schools require crayons for their students. You may be asked to supply just for your child or to buy for the classroom. Some schools are now requiring parents to purchase the supplies for the classrooms because the teachers and school districts cannot afford them.

– Colored and Regular Pencils – Pencils are a must have for any age school child. Colored pencils can also be used for art projects when crayons are not adequate.

– A Pencil Box – Help your kids keep their school supplies organized by getting them a pencil box to keep them in. They can use this for their rulers, pencil sharpeners and erasers as well.

– Paper – Ask their teacher what type of paper they need. The younger students may need writing paper that is designed to help learn their letters. Older students may need lined paper for written assignments.

– Folders – Folders are an important way for students to organize their homework and schoolwork. Have one for each subject in your child’s class. You can inquire to their teacher about how many they need.

– Math Tools – Depending on the grade, they need at least a ruler. They may also need a compass and protractor when they are a bit older or in advanced math classes.

– Lunch Box – Save money on school lunches by having your child bring their own lunch. You can let them help make this lunch so they have a meal that is healthy but which they also want to eat.

– School Uniforms – Most elementary schools have switched to some form of school uniform. If your child does not have them, they cannot attend. Many of the discount chain stores sell these uniforms quite affordably.

– Gym Clothes – Your child’s school may offer gym clothes for sale or you can purchase them from retailers. When in doubt, a tee shirt and shorts is typically good enough.