The Double Gap: How Luke Gromer Uses Video to Develop Young Athletes

The Double Gap: How Luke Gromer Uses Video to Develop Young Athletes

A couple weeks in the past Luke Gromer of Chopping Edge Coaching and I ran an online workshop for coaches on the topic of employing video to build athletes.

The rationale for the session was that video clip is a highly effective tool for creating tactical and specialized being familiar with and–through shared discussion–mutual understanding of principles across a group of athletes.

The proliferation of video clip and enhancements in its excellent and performance just lately signifies a sizeable improve in the landscape of elite athlete improvement. Video clip has come to be exponentially less costly and less difficult to use and thus exponentially much more typical.

Consequence: the present-day athlete spends an huge quantity of time researching video clip, and the skill to learn from that video clip is a key driver of success for equally team and individual.

Having said that, the degree to which athletes realize success in studying from online video has not necessarily enhanced at pace with technological developments. In fact, the rate of studying has little to do with the sophistication of the movie on present, and a person could argue that the more complex the technological know-how, the far more teams are most likely to be distracted from the main interactions that induce individuals to master: what transpires to the brain of the viewer in the place the place he or she is observing.

The method of shaping what transpires in the minds of athletes when they watch–instructing, this is to say–is very likely to determine athletes’ amount of development far more than the attributes and high quality of the online video by itself. So our target was on how teach employing online video.

Here’s a good video of Luke in motion with 1 of his teams that exemplifies many crucial thought we think are essential.




1st recognize that Luke reveals the video clip three situations to his gamers! Video is facts-dense and effortlessly overloads doing work memory. In particular when you are initially seeing it and just striving to orient oneself to the principles of what is occurring.  Luke realizes he’s seen the video clip 5 or 6 occasions and is aware it frontwards and backwards but his athletes are model new to it. He has the tolerance to allow them enjoy it through one particular in advance of he teaches from it.

He’s also chosen his “pause points” genuinely diligently.  He doesn’t inquire them to make perception of the full online video all at at the time but breaks it up into modest items.  What they are looking at when they respond to thoughts is important mainly because it is establishing their perceptive capabilities. Luke’s prepared that in progress. What will I check with? When? What will my athletes glimpse at though they consider to response?

Recognize also who’s accomplishing the cognitive get the job done. So usually the research of video for athletes includes a mentor at the front of the space doing participate in-by-play…   “Ok, guys. See this? See this? See this and this and this?  The remedy is, No, coach, they really do not. And if they see it they will shortly forget about it except if they do some contemplating about it. So Luke patterns his session to make players operate difficult cognitively!

And notice how robust his culture of mistake is: The articles is new he reminds them. They’re not envisioned to get it all proper absent. If they wrestle, alright, no trouble. We’ll just function tricky and make our comprehending move by phase.

Perhaps a final believed: Notice how attentive to vocabulary Luke is.  The conditions he takes advantage of to explain how they play–gaps, the kinds of cuts, the names for the positions–those matters are crucial as they will make it possible for them to talk about those principles as a staff all through follow and games. His regularity in making use of precise terms (and asking his gamers to also) accelerates the degree to which they can transfer what they learn from the online video to long term on-the-court settings.

Amazing things from Luke!