The 6 Ts of Instrument Traveling

The 6 Ts of Instrument Traveling

Excellent pilots should really usually be wondering forward of the plane.

You should generally be asking by yourself what is actually up coming. What is the next point(s) that you have to do, just after you have completed your present-day endeavor?

Making use of the 6 Ts will enable you do just that.

The 6 Ts are:

  1. Flip
  2. TIME
  3. TWIST
  5. Speak
  6. Monitor

You may not want to execute each individual a single on each solitary activity. It simply just is dependent on the course of action you are performing. Let’s glimpse at them independently.

For this case in point, let us use the 6 Ts to flying a keeping sample. Assume about every item and what the future item immediately after that is.


  • Which direction are you turning in the keeping pattern?
    • Normal or non-typical pattern: i.e. ideal or remaining turns?


  • Until normally mentioned by ATC, all inbound legs are 1 minute.
    • Immediately after crossing the fix or rolling wings amount, begin your timer for 1 moment inbound.
      • Don’t forget to adjust your outbound leg so that the inbound leg is 1 moment.
      • Based on wind, and so forth., you may perhaps have an outbound leg For a longer period that 1 minute.


  • If it can be a hold dependent off of a VOR, you may perhaps want to twist the OBS to the inbound class or the outbound training course.
    • Are you traveling TO the VOR or Away from it? If the inbound leg is flying to the VOR, keep in mind to make certain that you have twisted the OBS so that the indicator displays a “TO” indicator and the right inbound course is chosen.


  • Do you need to regulate your electricity?
    • If your timing is just not accurate for the inbound leg, then you require to both utilize power or cut down electric power. Recall, you are allowed two visits all-around the pattern to get it proper.


  • Do you require to discuss to ATC?
    • ATC may possibly question you to report crossing the take care of or a little something similar. This 1 truly will come into enjoy when you are executing techniques or course of action turns.


  • This one is really basic, yet remarkably, it receives forgotten a large amount.
    • Remember to monitor your course, both inbound or outbound.

When I am traveling a keeping sample, I ask myself each of these factors, at just about every stage of the pattern. I continuously go through each and every 1 and it keeps me on my recreation, remaining targeted and traveling a superior sample.

When I come to 1 endeavor that I really don’t will need to use, I merely move on to the following just one. Recall, just preserve it uncomplicated!

Employing the 6 Ts of instrument flying will make your daily life a good deal a lot easier the upcoming time you get trapped in a keeping pattern or shoot that instrument solution down to minimums in IMC.

– Shawn Hardin CFI/CFII