November 27, 2022

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The Education Specialists

Superintendents talk about districts’ accomplishments, challenges

Josh Martin

Put Early ISD superintendent Dr. Dewayne Wilkins and Bangs superintendent Dr. Josh Martin in the same room in late August, and there’s sure to be talk of an upcoming Friday night football game.

“We do have a game with those guys over there this Friday,” Martin said, drawing laughter at the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon at the Brownwood Country Club.

Martin, Wilkins and Brownwood superintendent Dr. Joe Young spoke at the luncheon, talking up their districts and highlighting accomplishments including improvements in test scores, and the challenges from COVID.

Neither Martin nor Wilkins predicted the outcome of the Aug. 27 clash between Early and Bangs. And Martin was clearly speaking tongue-in-cheek when he said he and Wilkins liked each other when they first arrived at their respective districts last year. Now, not so much, Martin claimed.