February 8, 2023

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Metasaga | Creative STAR Learning

Metasaga | Creative STAR Learning

Metasaga is a wonderful framework for interpreting and revisiting a acquainted community surroundings for kids and grownups of all ages. It was created by Kate Coutts in the early Noughties. In essence the tactic aims to promote discussion and make one-way links and understanding between people’s lives and the area that they dwell. It works by using true objects and functions as a metaphor for private discovery. It functions properly in designed or pure environments. It will work finest in a area area that young children and young people can easily return to.

Kate developed the concept on a leadership training course, so in the video clip under, the inquiries relate far more to troubles all-around leadership. Even so it does develop upon the concepts.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=HtBURHpoGz0

The Metasaga blogpost explains the framework in a small extra detail also. The composition of a metasaga is straightforward and it’s worth practising this beforehand right before striving it with your children or a whole course. It is dependent on considering in order:

Location – Values – Inquiries – Activity – New music

Metasagas can be established for any location and any subject matter, concept or fascination. They can be reality or fiction! In some respects the approach reminds me of De Bono’s 6 Contemplating Hats in that after you have the notion, it is simple and flexible more than enough to be tailored and genuinely allows with significant contemplating outdoors. Consider it and see what you imagine!

This weblog put up was at first publishing in October 2010.