Maine Remains Whitest State in Nation, but Diversity is Growing

The most current figures from the U.S. Census verify that Maine is however the whitest state in the country, but the percentages are acquiring nearer.

I don’t feel this statistic comes as any shock to Maine people. When we’re viewing extra various faces in our communities, the populace is overwhelmingly Caucasian. Census facts released on Thursday supports that truth. Out of a inhabitants of 1,362,359 people today, 90.8% are white. Range quantities are expanding, but slowly, with the figures demonstrating that 95.2% of Mainers had been white a 10 years in the past. This appears to be a New England trend, with Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire symbolizing three of the 4 whitest states in the country. In third place was West Virginia.

Maine’s Hispanic population has grown marginally, from 1.3% to 2% of the population. The Black inhabitants increased from 1.2% to 1.9%, which is a 64% jump. Only North and South Dakota have seen bigger jumps in their Black populations.

The counties with the most varied populations are Androscoggin, Cumberland, and Washington counties. The minimum diverse counties are Lincoln, Waldo, and Somerset counties. Census numbers break down as follows:

  • White Alone                                         90.8%
  • Black or African American Alone           1.9%
  • American Indian & Alaska Native          .6%
  • Asian Alone                                           1.2%
  • Other Races Alone                                .7%
  • 2 or Extra Races                                    4.7%

These quantities mirror the 2020 census and are currently being introduced a minimal afterwards than envisioned because of to the pandemic. The studies are introduced in degrees, so not all the classes have still been released. They’re fascinating to seem at, and hold surprises. I knew our state was not quite numerous but imagined the percentages were being having closer with each other speedier than they are. The superior news is that they are heading in the ideal course for a much more culturally assorted point out in the upcoming.

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