How to Promote Your Website for Free

How to Promote Your Website for Free

If you have a website then I bet the number one question you have is how to promote it for free in order for you to make money, right? That is the question most people have and the reason is because they are tired of reading all the sales letters saying that a guru knows a secret method to make money from your website, you want to know for free not by paying the guru. The hardest part about promoting your website for free is that not every free method works the way you think it does, sometimes you need somebody to help you pick the best method.

Depending on your website there could be more options for you to use in order to promote your website for free, but the following 3 methods are what I suggest using no matter what. These 3 methods have been used by millions of people in order to get traffic to their website and trust me, they work and they are free.

Methods to promote your website for FREE

Article marketing – This is what I love more than anything in order to get traffic and links to my websites. The nice part about article marketing is that you can write hundreds of articles each week and they can send you traffic for years to come. Article marketing should always be a method to get traffic and links even if you use another method because there isn’t anything that I have found works better than articles.

Twitter – Twitter may not be the easiest thing to do especially at first but once you get a decent sized following it will be very easy for you to turn those followers into constant website traffic which will easily turn into money. The nice thing about twitter other than the fact it is free is that you can get hundreds of thousands of followers in a very short time with very little work involved.

Guest posting – This is something that many website owners do not do and it really is a shame. The reason I suggest you take part in guest posting is because you can get articles on very high traffic sites that will bring you loads of traffic over and over again. In my opinion this is the second best way to get traffic and links to your website, right behind article marketing.