How to Learn Spanish Vocabulary Words and Learn to Speak Conversational Spanish

Do you want to know how to learn Spanish vocabulary words? Many people learn a little conversational Spanish by interacting with Spanish speaking friends or by traveling, but if you truly want to be able to speak the language fluently, you will want to spend some time learning plenty of Spanish vocabulary words.

There are quite a few resources you can tap into to learn Spanish words, including plenty of free ones! A quick Google search will lead you to dozens of websites where you can learn and study Spanish vocabulary words quickly and easily in a variety of exercises, games and activities. The advantage of learning online is that you can fire up your computer and point your browser to any one of these sites whenever suits you without having to stick to a particular schedule of classes.

Bookmarking these sites will also give you a handy reference if you need to find the translation of a word, phrase or idiom quickly. There are even some sites that offer a ‘word a day’ feature. By visiting the website every day, you can learn a new word, the proper way to use it, and you can spend the balance of the day practicing its pronunciation and use.

If you have more time, another method for expanding your Spanish vocabulary is to search your local library or your favorite bookstore for a Spanish vocabulary paperback that you can toss into your bag for easy access. With a little practice and perseverance, you can broaden your knowledge of Spanish vocabulary words quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Ludivina Leveto

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