Here is the Best Way to Learn Spanish

Here is the Best Way to Learn Spanish

Here is the best way to learn Spanish that I have found. I have studied both Spanish and Chinese and speak both relatively well. The method I’m about to share here I came across when studying Chinese. It worked so well for me that I can speak Chinese quite fluently and natives do not know I’m an American when they are talking to me on the phone or can’t see me.

This method should be applied on every new vocabulary word you learn. It is by far the best way to learn Spanish, or any other language for that matter.

First, identify the word you want to learn. A typical lesson in a course will have 10 to 30 new words per lesson, so you will want to do this for each word.

You will need an audio recording of the word alone and spoken in a sentence. It should be a recording of a native speaker.

Listen to the audio recording of the word and repeat it. Keep doing this until you feel that you are able to pronounce the word fluently and naturally.

Now, listen to the word as it is spoken in the sentence in the audio recording. Keep listening to and repeating the sentence until it comes out of your mouth fluently and effortlessly. It may take a little time, but as soon as you hear the words come out of your mouth so beautifully and effortlessly, you will see why this is the best way to learn Spanish.

Once you can do this, then go on to the next word. This method takes a lot of time and devotion but it works.

My Chinese teacher was an old lady that would criticize me when I made mistakes while speaking. I was so afraid of speaking incorrectly around her that I developed this method. Each lesson in the book had a text that went along with it. Using this method, I would go through the text, sentence by sentence until I could read the text from beginning to end fluently and beautifully. I began to blow her away after a few lessons of reading the text like a native.

This is by far the best way to learn Spanish as well. The only problem with using this method is that it can be hard finding audio recordings of the words you want to learn when you want learn them. I’m currently developing systems for both Spanish and Chinese. They will not be full-blown courses, but rather vocabulary-building programs that should be compliments to a proper language course. I didn’t start learning Chinese until I was 27 and my pronunciation is flawless.