Don’t Buy Website Traffic Forever – See How I Promote My Website For Free

Don’t Buy Website Traffic Forever – See How I Promote My Website For Free

Are you tired of continually spending money to get traffic to your website? Remember you do not have to buy website traffic forever.

It may be a good way of promoting your business or product when you first start, but it certainly isn’t a good long term strategy. Imagine what will happen if the cost of buying web traffic suddenly increases? In a flash you could see any profit you are making disappear.

If you are using Pay Per Click (PPC) your cost per click for a given keyword phrase can vary quite dramatically depending on amongst other things the quality of your landing page. So if you follow these three simple steps you will not only drive your cost per click down but also start to receive free organic search engine traffic to your web page.

Step 1 – Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important steps when preparing to optimize your pages for the web. You need to get this right before you put a lot of effort into optimizing and promoting your pages.

In my experience it is all too easy to go off in the wrong direction and start working with the wrong keywords. Do your research and double check it. The good news is that you can use the results from your PPC campaigns to determine your most effective keyword (s) and then naturally optimize your web pages for these.

If you didn’t perform any real keyword research before you started to buy website traffic with PPC, you should have, so you need to do this before you go much further. The easiest starting point is to look at your competition and see what they are doing. You can use the free Google AdWords Keyword tool to get keyword suggestions but more importantly you can get it to analyze your competitors web page to get keyword suggestions. Do this for several competitors and compare the results.

Put together a list of your keywords and then you can start the process of keyword selection.

Step 2 – Keyword Selection

The keyword choices you make when you buy website traffic may well be different to those that you optimise your pages for. Quite often you will use a more general, phrase matched, keywords for your PPC campaigns. Take for example the keyword phrase ‘website promotion‘ this may well be OK for your PPC campaign because it will trigger for phrases like ‘website promotion company‘ or ‘website promotion methods‘ but it would be too difficult (competitive) to appear in the organic search engine rankings for. So what we need to do is find a suitable phrase that contains the primary keyword but does not have much competition but does attract a reasonable amount of traffic.

You can use the Google Keyword tool to do this. Enter your primary keyword and Google will provide you with all the related keyword phrases together with monthly traffic figures.

You are looking for keyword phrases that get 20+ searches per day (600+ per month). Select a few and then do a search on Google for each phrase surrounded by quotation marks noting the number of competing pages which Google shows this at the top right of the screen e.g. Results 1 – 10 of about 168,000 for “keyword phrase”.

You are looking for phrases with the smallest number of competing pages. Anything under 10,000 competing pages is good; anything over 30,000 means it will be difficult to rank for without a lot of additional work. Keep on going until you find a phrase or phrases that match the requirements then move onto step 3.

Step 3 – Page Optimization

Now we move onto the easy bit. You need to work your chosen keyword phrase into your web page. Start with the page title and try to write something catchy that describes your product and includes your keyword phrase together with any associated words that get searched for in conjunction with the primary phrase. But keep it looking natural.

Also write a catch meta description containing your phrase only once.

Include the keyword phrase in the opening paragraph and the closing paragraph and then a few times in the body of the text. Do not go mad, I tend to go with 1 per 100 words but most importantly make it look natural.

Use your keyword phrase at least once in h1 or h2 headers.

If you have pictures on your web page then use your keyword phrase in any Alt tags.

Use your keyword phrase in the link text of links on other web pages that point to your web page.

These techniques work well to reduce click costs when you buy website traffic from PPC systems such as Google AdWords. They can also help to improve traffic retention because they generally improve the quality of the landing page. They also start you on the process of getting free (organic) traffic to your website.